Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Play Street Fighter 4? Seen A Lot Of Kens? Here's Why:

I won't lie... I've been a victim of "OMGWTFBBQKEN4TW"-itis. I honestly plan to use Rose, or Cammy... but there's a power in Ken that most don't understand. So here's a flow chart to help you understand why Ken is amazing:
Honest to God... I tried to do a damn Hadouken (Fireball), but theXBOX360 controller is so craptastico that it'll turn into a Shoryuken (Dragon Punch)... sooooooooo why NOT just use Ken and just cheese.. or should I say, win. :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

WTF Wednesday: Gay Penguins Steal Eggs From Straight Couples, Get Proposition 8'ed By Zoo

Two gay penguins at Polar Land in Harbin, China have been stealthily stealing eggs from straight couples and replacing them with rocks. Brilliant!

But the deception has been noticed by other penguins at the zoo, who have ostracized the gay couple from their group. Now keepers have decided to segregate the pair of three-year-old male birds to avoid disrupting the rest of the community during the hatching season.

"One of the responsibilities of being a male adult is looking after the eggs. Despite this being a biological impossibility for this couple, the natural desire is still there," a keeper told the Austrian Times newspaper.

"It's not discrimination. We have to fence them separately, otherwise the whole group will be disturbed during hatching time," he added.

Not discrimination my ass. Next thing you know the couple won't even be allowed to marry. Seriously, I have had it up to here *raising arm as high over head as possible* with this nonsense. Penguins are people too, you know? And wow, my pits smell like chili-dogs with lots of chopped onion. Fucking love those things. Gay penguins too. Pittsburgh, eh, not so much.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tunes Tuesday: Happy Circus Day!

Welcome to Random Disasters (in A Minor). Yes, I did steal that ending, and I wont tell you how I thought the word was Aminor (ah-min-or) instead. Yes... "Dumbass." Regardless... welcome to my blog.. where I'll be posting the most random things I see, hear, think of, or experience. This is not a journal or diary (..gay) so don't come here looking for juicy hints on my life. lol. Anyway, every Tuesday I'll try and let you in on new music I'm listening to (or have been listening to for weeks while you peasants work the fields.. more cotton please..). What better way to start of than with the return of the princess.. queen.. High Overlord of Pop: Britney Spears

Ms. Spears returns with her 6th studio album Circus... which as many say is Blackout + The Good Ol' Pop Days - Bad Booze & Life Malfunctions. I'm no musical genius, I studied Japanese language.. but I have a good ear for music I think... so what I CAN do for you is tell you my top 3 songs from the album and give you the most inane, irrelevant and awesome reasons as to why:
  1. Kill The Lights (Danja does it again with Circus hints in another "made for Britney" song. My favorite part is prolly the semi-disco-esque vamp "I KIIIIILLED THE LIGHTS!" That song is "Pure. Satis. Faction.")
  2. Rock Me In (Probably the popiest song on the album.. think of how poppy Rihanna's Shut Up & Drive was.. very upbeat and catchy.. altho I wish it was longer.)
  3. If You Seek Amy (This is not a ballad about some bitch named Amy and how she cant get whatever it is girls in ballads don't get.. this is a another fast song of which the song actually means soemthing fun! It took my 5 mins to get it. I was like "Why would guys and girls wanna if you seek Amy?? That's not even proper English, Brit-face!")
Honorable Mentions: Mannequin, Unusual You. Honestly my final verdict is that this is NOT Blackout.. but I guess that's for a reason. She wants to try new stuff and she doesn't really fail with it. ....except for Amnesia. I HATE that song. LOL! That's all!